"Prepare for the 'Mother of all Demonstrations' on July 16 to honor the 42 Kenyans killed by Ruto’s Govt," Gen Z tells Kenyans, declaring it a holiday.

Thursday, July 11, 2024 The youthful Kenyan population has announced the resumption of demonstrations in the streets on July 16th to honor the 42 Kenyans who were killed by police in previous protests.

The group, commonly known as Gen Z, announced that on July 16, Kenyans will occupy cities and towns to honor the heroes who were killed by police under President William Ruto's orders.

In a post on social media, they also urged parents not to take their children to school on Tuesday, July 16th, declaring it a public holiday.

During the day, youths will demand Ruto's resignation as President for allegedly ordering the killing of unarmed protestors. They will also call on the President to dissolve the cabinet and parliament before leaving office.

However, President William Ruto has maintained that he won't resign, stating Kenya is a democracy and he can only be removed through the ballot.

“Hakuna haja ya kusumbuana hapa katikati. 

"Wacha tungoje hii mtihani kila mtu afanye tuone nani wa kupita nani wa kuanguka. 

"Mimi najipanga, hii uchaguzi tutakutana hakuna problem,” he said.


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