"I can’t and won’t resign!" – Embattled President RUTO tells Gen Zs to wait until 2027 and stop yapping

Friday, July 11, 2024 President William Ruto has told the Kenyan youth that he will not resign despite their demands.

For the last month, millions of Kenyan youths commonly known as Gen Z have been demonstrating and asking Ruto to resign over bad governance and corruption.

While speaking in Narok County on Wednesday, Ruto explained that Kenya is a democratic country where leaders are elected or dismissed through the ballot.

(We should know that come 2027, we will have an exam and everyone will come with what they have done)

Ruto also reminded those opposed to his leadership that the people are the ultimate decision-makers and there is no need for the current political squabbles.

He said those calling for his resignation should hold their horses until 2027 to decide his fate on the strength of his performance.

“Hakuna haja ya kusumbuana hapa katikati. Wacha tungoje hii mtihani kila mtu afanye tuone nani wa kupita nani wa kuanguka. Mimi najipanga, hii uchaguzi tutakutana hakuna problem,” he said.


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