Gen Z declare Tuesday, July 16th a public holiday and urge Kenyans to stay at home – LOOK!

Friday, July 11, 2024 The Kenyan youth has declared July 16, 2024, a public holiday to honor young Kenyans recently killed by police.

During the anti-government demonstrations, Kenyan police used excessive force, resulting in 42 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

Police also abducted innocent Kenyans, with 18 individuals currently reported missing.

To celebrate the fallen heroes, Gen Z, in a social media post, said they will hold the Mother of all demonstrations on Tuesday, July 16th to commemorate the heroes who paid the ultimate price.

Gen Z also asked Kenyans to come out in large numbers in Nairobi with flags to celebrate the third liberation heroes who have died.

The announcement comes as President William Ruto maintains he will not resign, despite calls for him to do so due to poor governance and corruption.

Ruto said those yapping and telling him to resign should wait for the 2027 election to remove him through the ballot.


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