PHOTOs of NICK RUTO’s lavish restaurant in Westlands and other multi-million businesses owned by the President’s children - RUTO is creating a dynasty.

Thursday, July 4, 2024 - President William Ruto’s children Nick, George and Charlene have invested in multi-million businesses using questionable sources of money.

Nick Ruto, the President’s eldest son, owns a lavish restaurant in Westlands dubbed Vanguard Kenya.

The restaurant targets high-end clients.

Nick also owns an events company that hosted an event dubbed Raha Fest where Nigerian singer Davido was paid millions of shillings to perform and flown in a private chopper.

He allegedly uses money looted from state coffers to run the company.

Nick also owns Ticket Raha, an online platform for buying tickets for concerts and sports events.

Ruto’s second-born son George also owns an event company that sponsors events such as the Korom festival, Shoke Shoke, and Summertide.

He is also suspected of running the company using funds looted from state coffers.

For Charlene, she owns a foundation called Smachs that she allegedly uses to siphon public funds with the pretense of beekeeping.

"These entities are misusing state funds meant for the youth to sponsor events and clubs, draining resources from Kenya's struggling economy,’’ a source revealed to blogger Nyakundi. 

 Below are photos of Nick Ruto’s lavish restaurant in Westlands.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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