PHOTO of a hot slay queen alleged to be among the joyriders accompanying ABABU NAMWAMBA to Paris for Olympics as MIGUNA MIGUNA exposes other socialite bimbos in the list.

Thursday, July 11, 2024 - Several slay queens will reportedly accompany Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba to France for the 2024 Olympics.

Among the joyriders in the list is a pretty lady whose photo was shared on X by Cyprian Nyakundi.

It is alleged that she is Ababu’s latest catch.

Lawyer Miguna Miguna also exposed other socialite bimbos that Ababu has included in the list.

Ababu, whose appetite for slay queens is well-known, is under pressure to provide the full list of all the people slated to travel to France for Olympics.

The pressure has mostly come from renowned content creator Dennis Ombachi who has vowed to focus all his energies on the CS in a bid to get accountability over the ministry's activities.

Ombachi's activism has now galvanised Kenyans who have been repeatedly pressuring Namwamba to clarify his Paris trip with many fearing that the CS may include tens of unnecessary hangers-on into the trip.

Below is a photo of the slay queen who is alleged to be among the joyriders on the list.


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