OSCAR SUDI announces quitting politics after his sudden wealth and lavish lifestyle caused a revolution by Gen Zs as he ditches harambees

Monday, July 1, 2024 - Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi has announced that he is contemplating quitting politics altogether.

Speaking in a selfie video he shared, the outspoken lawmaker hinted that quitting politics would be beneficial to him since he spent more in politics than he did on his personal life.

He further noted that after coming under fire for his lavish contributions to harambees and churches, he will be taking a 2-year break from such events to regroup.

His utterance was a direct response to Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, who questioned the source of the Ksh20 million the Kapsaret lawmaker contributed at a church.

"Khalwale, I am on leave because of noises and jealous people... I am one of the believers that we should ban these harambees because many people do not know how we look for Harambee money. 

"They do know how we stress our friends and our businesses in order to participate in the harambees," he explained.

"I am even thinking about quitting politics because I am doing much more in politics than what I am doing for myself. 

"I am going on leave for about 1 year or two years and If God helps me clear my thoughts, I will start by uplifting the church you (Khalwale) were in."

Khalwale had earlier advised President William Ruto to look within his circle of politicians and scrutinize their source of wealth.

He explained that the recently witnessed protests by the Gen Zs were not just a result of the Finance Bill but also noted that people were affected by politicians' flagrant display of opulence and wealth.


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  1. Of course he is not being truthful.... How would you possibly expect him to quit politics, the source of his gotten sweet wealth?