No more dialogue; just listen to Gen Zs and do what they want or get out of their way – GACHAGUA’s friend Governor KAHIGA now tells RUTO

Thursday, July 11, 2024 - Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga has blasted President William Ruto for not listening to Gen Zs.

In a statement, Kahiga, a staunch ally of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, urged Ruto to listen to Gen Zs and do what they want or simply get out of their way.

The governor called for a more decisive and responsive leadership, one that aligns with the demands of Kenya’s youth.

At the same time, Kahiga expressed deep concern over the advice Ruto is receiving from his inner circle. 

"With a lot of humility and respect, I address my president, William Ruto, and tell him that there are men and women around you who you could be calling advisers, but you are in the hole you are today because of the misadvise they have given you," he stated.

Kahiga's remarks come at a time when the nation is grappling with socio-economic issues and political unrest occasioned by Gen Z.

The county boss urged Ruto to take a step back and reassess the current state of the nation. 

The governor emphasized the importance of decisive action, stressing that the promises made by President Ruto during his campaign would not be realized in the current political atmosphere. 

"You made so many promises, but they will not be achieved in this political atmosphere," Kahiga noted.

Reflecting on the voices of Kenya’s youth, Kahiga highlighted that the demands of Gen Z should be at the forefront of any political strategy going forward.

 "The Gen Zs have made their demands clear. You engaged with them, and they told you what they wanted. None of their demands was to put up a 150-member team to negotiate," he pointed out. 

"If they tell you to reorganize your cabinet, please do it. If they say sack it, do it. There are 50 million Kenyans who can fit in those offices."


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