Investors spell doom for RUTO and the economy as they hold back their capital – Look! This is more serious than we thought

Thursday, July 11, 2024 - Investors have predicted that President William Ruto’s plan to borrow more after withdrawing the Finance Bill 2024 will see Kenya’s economy experience tougher times.

According to an analysis by the Africa Report, Kenya’s capital costs may increase as a result of the decision to borrow more and the uncertainty that surrounded the figures before a final settlement on July 5.

During a roundtable interview, Ruto stated that Kenya would have to borrow Ksh1 trillion to account for the budget deficit after the withdrawal of the Finance Bill, 2024.

However, the president later remarked that Kenya’s total debt in the financial year would be Ksh766 billion with Ksh169 billion being required to bridge the gap.

Further, investors have predicted that the government might default on some of its loan obligations as the country finds itself grappling with a tough economic situation.

As it stands, investors have either hiked the interest rates or withheld their capital, in anticipation that the Kenyan government will likely dip into the market to borrow to plug its shortfalls.

Additionally, the investors have predicted that private borrowers may suffer, as local commercial lenders cut the amount advanced to regular clients seeking to capitalize on a government opportunity that might present itself.

According to analysts, lenders prefer to advance loans to governments rather than private individuals who are more likely to default.

Further, the report pointed to the recent sale of a bond as evidence that the government might revert back to the markets to address its needs.


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