Imagine a Nursery School Teacher is a PS in RUTO’s Government – No wonder GEN Z wants him to resign and go home.

Tuesday, July 2, 2024 - Fresh details have emerged on how President William Ruto is surrounded by academic dwarfs and incompetent, corrupt individuals posing as Cabinet and Principal Secretaries.

In the last two years, Ruto, elected by hustlers as President, has performed poorly, prompting Gen Z to take to the streets in protests, demanding his resignation.

As protests continue to spread in the country, details have emerged that Principal Secretary of Public Health and Professional Standards Mary Muthoni is an ECD teacher by profession.

Muthoni is an ECD teacher by profession, and in his wisdom, @WilliamsRutoappointed her the PS for PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS in the @MOH_Kenya. 

"A teacher is in charge of the professionalism of the nurses, doctors, COs, etc. Smh,” A Kenyan identified as Muhoho Francis wrote on the X platform.

These details surfaced as young people with multiple degrees remain unemployed, while Ruto persists in appointing academic dwarfs to government positions.


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