I don’t want your job because it is unconstitutional!! – LSK President FAITH ODHIAMBO tells RUTO.

Sunday, July 7, 2024 - Law Society of Kenya(LSK) President Madam Faith Odhiambo has rejected a job offer from President William Ruto.

On Friday, Ruto appointed Faith to the Presidential Task Force auditing the national debt, according to a gazette notice.

However, in a statement on Saturday LSK, through its chief executive Florence Muturi, said the task force is unconstitutional since the government's statutory audits are preserved for the Auditor General.

The LSK cited a case in which the High Court specified the Office of the Auditor General as the rightful entity to audit the accounts of Trans Nzoia County.

"We take note of the recent High Court decision underscoring the Auditor-General's role in public audit matters in Ondago v Natembeya & 15 others [2023] KEHC 22268 (19 September 2023) (Judgment) where the High Court while nullifying a taskforce created to audit county government debts, asserted that the governor could request the Auditor- General to conduct a forensic audit," partly read the LSK's communique.

With the foregoing, the attorneys resolved that their president would not be taking up her appointment.

"The Council of the Law Society of Kenya has thus resolved that neither our president nor any of our members shall take up appointments or participate in the said task force," the LSK said.



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