ESTHER PASSARIS risks the wrath of Gen Z with her view on the ongoing anti-government protests – LOOK!

Monday, July 8, 2024 - Nairobi Woman Representative, Esther Passaris, has shared her thoughts about the ongoing Gen Z protests in the country that have shaken President William Ruto's administration.

Commonly known as Gen Z, they have been demonstrating for the past three weeks, accusing President William Ruto's administration of empty promises, corruption, and ignoring the suffering mwananchi.

Reacting to the protests, Passaris urged Gen Z to be patient and give President William Ruto time to implement his promises.

Passaris urged Gen Z not to resort to burning Kenya, but to give the President time to transform the economy.

This is what Passaris wrote on her X.

GEN Z are impatient. They want radical changes. I am certain burning Kenya is not one of them.

“They are mad. It’s justified. Change is never easy. Change is inevitable.

“I have confidence that @WilliamsRutowill do right by this Generation.

“Let us remind our children patience is a virtue and “To err is human.

“To forgive divine”. We have to respect the Constitution and work together to enhance the rule of law. My desire is #peaceoveranarchy #loveoverhate #forgivenessovervengeance,” Passaris stated.


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