Haiti Gang Leader BARBECUE is scared of Kenya Police and wants to surrender immediately – Look!

Monday, July 8, 2024 - Dreaded Haitian Gang Leader Jimmy Chérizier, alias Barbecue, is now scared of the Kenyan police despite vowing to kill them all after President William Ruto deployed them.

This is after he announced his surrender, saying he doesn’t want to fight Ruto’s troops anymore.

According to reports, Barbecue told Haitian interim Prime Minister Garry Conille that he would lay down his arms to initiate a national dialogue to restore peace.

The gang leader, wearing a maroon jacket and glasses, made the announcement, looking different from his usual appearance.

His tone and gestures were quite different as he repeated the call for dialogue with the Haitian government.

“We have decided to publicly announce that our strategy of laying down arms to facilitate national dialogue and promote peace is already written in black and white on our agenda,” said Barbecue.

“We are ready to elect a credible and coherent Haitian citizen in the diaspora to facilitate the dialogue to end this mafia war and facilitate the road to peace in the country,” he added.

He alleged that too many divisions, disagreements, and conflicts among local actors and the economic mafia drove the country to the current situation.

He called on Interim Prime Minister Garry Conille, to take advantage of the national dialogue to end the war and bring peace to the whole country.

According to him, only through national dialogue will the Haitian state be able to regain control of the country’s territories, as required by the current constitution.

“We want peace because we want to destroy war. We want dialogue because we want peace. All those who do not want dialogue have participated in the war,” the gang leader suggested.

He urged Conille's administration to focus on the real solution: a national dialogue in which every Haitian, without discrimination, has the right to speak.

“This is what the mafias do not want. They don’t want dialogue because they want to continue the war,” Barbecue stated.


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