CNN journalist, LARRY MADOWO, shames RUTO after he defended rogue police by airing exclusive footage showing how 3 peaceful protesters, including a 25-year-old, were shot dead outside Parliament (VIDEO).

Monday, July 1, 2024 - CNN journalist Larry Madowo has exposed police officers for using excessive force against the protesters during last Tuesday’s anti-finance bill protests that turned deadly.

Ericsson Kyalo Mutisya, 25, was among the protesters shot dead outside Parliament.

Earlier in the day, he had been filmed dancing in white overalls as he was exercising his democratic rights.

According to Ericsson’s mother, he worked in a butchery.

He left his workplace and joined other protesters to exercise his democratic rights, not knowing that a rogue police officer would cut short his life.

He bled to death after being shot in the back outside Parliament.

“CNN watched as Kenyan security forces shot dead at least 3 protesters outside the Kenyan parliament on Tuesday. 

"I saw Ericsson Kyalo Mutisya, 25 dancing in white overalls. 

"Shots rang out shortly after that and I saw his body. He wasn't the only one,’’ Larry tweeted.

President William Ruto defended police for using excessive force against protesters and claimed that the protests had been infiltrated by criminals.

Speaking in a roundtable interview with journalists at State House, Ruto said the police did their best to quell the protests despite using live bullets to shoot some of the protesters, leaving 25 people dead and scores injured.

Watch CNN’s footage.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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