A Somali businessman who was protecting his business in Mombasa CBD confronts hired goons while armed with a pistol - He reportedly shot 3 goons (VIDEO).

Tuesday, July 2, 2024 - A Somali businessman is alleged to have shot three hired goons while protecting his business along Nyerere Road in Mombasa Central Business District.

The businessman opened fire at close range and shot at the goons.

In the video, the enraged businessman is seen confroting the goons while armed with a pistol.

The goons pelt him with stones, prompting him to shoot in the air to scare them.

Three goons were injured during the confrontation and rushed to the hospital.

Several vehicles were torched after the shooting incident.

Qafeee Point Restaurant was also vandalized.

The alleged hired goons are now baying for the blood of the alleged shooter, who retreated into the Qafee Point Building.


Watch the video here Link>>



The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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