You will be a one-term President because God is disappointed in you – Renowned Nigerian Prophet delivers a disturbing message to RUTO

Monday, June 24, 2024 – A renowned Nigerian Prophet Primate Elijah Ayodele has delivered a warning to President William Ruto regarding the contentious Finance Bill, saying it might cost him a second term.

This comes hot on the heels of the countrywide protests against the punitive Finance Bill led by the young people known as Gen Z.

Ayodele, who in 2022 predicted Ruto's win, has asked Ruto to retrace his steps to secure a second term in office, otherwise, he is going home.

According to him, even God is disappointed with Ruto for oppressing his people and won’t answer when he calls on him unless he changes the bill.

"President Ruto if you are not careful this protest will cost you your second term and it will be a blunder for you. 

"It’s better you re-adjust and do the needful so you won’t face what you don’t expect. By then, you will call God but he won’t answer you," he stated on Saturday.

The prophet emphasised that he had received the warning from God and urged Ruto to adhere.

He added that the President still had time to reverse the current situation but if he only listened to the warning.

According to the prophet, Ruto's regime will face more demonstrations from Kenyans opposing his leadership and policies.

He emphasised that no one would be sponsoring the protests adding that Kenyans were tired of the hardship and economic troubles.

Ayodele further revealed that these demonstrations would ruin Rutos' legacy and all he has done while in power.

Additionally, Ruto's failure to listen to the people would result in the opposition easily winning against him in the future.

"You will spoil your good works if you are not careful, don't allow your government to become unpopular with your policies. 

"You may lose your second term bid cheaply to opposition if you are not careful," he added.


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