DAVID NDII makes a surprise U-turn as he now supports the Gen Z protests against RUTO’s Finance Bill 100% - Look! No one expected this!

Monday, June 24, 2024 - President William Ruto’s economic advisor David Ndii has surprised everyone.

This came after he made a U-turn, announcing his 100% support for the Gen Z protests against President William Ruto's punitive Finance Bill, despite previously being one of its fiercest defenders.

He had criticized the demonstrations, stating that they were being conducted by children of the wealthy, whose parents had earlier plundered the country.

However, while explaining his change of heart, Ndii stated that the youth were demanding accountability in a democratic dispensation. 

“We are with them 100 per cent. They do not want the politics of kingpins and tribes. We are with them 100 per cent,” he stated.

“They do not want to be used by demagogues and sore losers with axes to grind. We are with them 100 per cent.” 

Ndii further remarked that contrary to popular belief, he had no issues with the young people protesting. 

He explained that the Gen Z protesters had enough support from the reformists in President William Ruto’s administration. 

Ndii remarked that reformists in the Kenya Kwanza administration were also enraged by the corruption, wastage, and self-aggrandizement of their colleagues.

The economist further accused the police service of using brutal force while engaging the protestors. 

He remarked that he had raised the issue of demonstrators being brutalized by Ruto’s government.

“Democracy is a middle-class project, and there is or ought to be no issue as central to democratic accountability as public finances,” he added.


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