When RUTO appoints KALENJINS in the government, he is not tribal but when GACHAGUA talks about Mt Kenya unity he is tribal

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - Members of the Kikuyu community have urged President William Ruto to stop polarising the country by terming some leaders such as Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua as tribal.

Over the weekend, Ruto accused his deputy of fanning tribalism after he met members of the Kikuyu community at an entertainment joint in Nanyuki.

While the president didn’t mention Gachagua, he said some leaders have started ethnic politics which he claims have no time in this era.

However, members of the Kikuyu community meeting in Kenol, Murang’a wondered how the President could speak about tribalism yet he is the one who is appointing only members of his Kalenjin community to senior positions in his government.

Mark Kamau, one of Muranga's residents, said Ruto should not forget that he is the one practicing tribalism when he appoints all his kinsmen to the government.

Kamau said talking about unity as Gachagua has been doing in Mt Kenya region cannot be termed as tribalism.


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  1. The proboscis monkey has been appointing Kipsigis, nandies, marakwets and the satanic kebens to its table banking regime of idiots.

    Authors should not be writing Kalenjin cos not all tribes that form the tribe Kalenjins are being employed by this asshole but those four liked tribes above,