Was there a massacre in GITHURAI on Tuesday ordered by RUTO? - BBC investigates and this will shock many including GEN Zs


Saturday, June 29, 2024 For the past two weeks, young Kenyans, commonly known as Gen Z, have been demonstrating in Nairobi and other cities against the Finance Bill 2024.

The punitive, retrogressive and uncouth bill was set to introduce a raft of taxes on basic commodities such as bread, sanitary towels and diapers, which angered the younger generation.

On Tuesday, thousands of Kenyan protestors took to the streets and the hallmark of their demos was when they stormed Kenya's Parliament and chased away legislators.

During the protests, according to civil rights organisations, 23 Kenyans paid the ultimate price.

Within hours, many Kenyans began to hear reports of another, even more brutal incident - an alleged massacre of civilians in Githurai.

The story quickly took hold on social media, where some people claimed more than 200 had been killed.

But a BBC investigation has found no evidence of mass killings in Githurai - raising questions about how readily misinformation can spread amid a crisis.

A BBC journalist said only two people were killed by police in Githurai.


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