Wacheni ujinga, I support RUTO and will vote YES on his punitive Finance Bill 2024 – Gatundu North MP now tells desperate Kenyans texting him to reject the bill

Saturday, June 15, 2024 - Gatundu North MP Elijah Njoroge Kururia has made his stand known on next week's voting on the draconian Finance Bill, 2024.

In a statement, Njoroge criticized Kenyans for allegedly pressuring lawmakers to reject the Finance Bill 2024, affirming his support for the bill as a backer of President William Ruto.

The Kenya Kwanza MP slammed Kenyans on his Facebook page for not understanding the budget-making processes.

He took time to educate Kenyans on the processes that a finance bill goes through before being enacted into law.

"You are all over calling and texting MPs, telling them to vote No to the finance bill. 

"Wacheni ufala!! I noted that a section of citizens was duped into thinking that the bill was being voted for on Thursday. It was a lie. Thursday was budget day," Njoroge said.

He pointed out that it's ignorant of Kenyans to request that the MPs reject the entire Finance Bill 2024, yet lawmakers do not support the whole bill but specific clauses.

"MPs from different political parties will keep voting yes and no on different proposals. 

"When Kimbelembeles calls MPs, don't tell them to vote No. 

"Tell him what you don't like in the bill, not the whole bill. 

"Read the bill and understand it so that you can point out what you do want to be approved by MPs...wacheni ukondoo" he added.


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