UDA MP begs for forgiveness after voting ‘YES’ for the Finance Bill 2024 - Please forgive me!!


Thursday, June 27, 2024 - A vocal United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Member of Parliament is seeking forgiveness from his constituents for voting yes to the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

Speaking on Thursday, Turkana Central  Member of Parliament Joseph Namuar said he regrets heavily for supporting the Finance Bill 2024.

Namuar commended President William Ruto for declining to assent to the bill despite sailing through in parliament.

According to the MP, President Ruto's decision to withdraw the bill was a testament to the Head of State's commitment to fulfilling the demands of Kenyans.

“If by any means we made a mistake, we the MPs who voted YES to the Finance Bill ask for forgiveness,” the lawmaker pleaded.

“And just the way the president called for a dialogue, we as the president’s soldiers, ask for forgiveness on your behalf,” he added.

Kenyans across the political divide have vowed to punish any MP who supported the Finance Bill 2024.




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