This is what GIDEON MOI has said about the punitive FINANCE BILL 2024 – RUTO is treading on dangerous ground!!


Wednesday, June 12, 2024 - KANU chairman Gideon Moi, who had taken a long sabbatical from politics, has spoken about the Controversial Finance Bill 2024.

The bill which has the support of the Treasury and President William Ruto, is set to introduce a raft of taxes on basic commodities such as bread, cooking oil, MPESA and bank transactions, bodaboda, and wheelbarrows among others.

In a statement on Tuesday, Moi termed the bill as retrogressive and punitive.

He said the proposed Finance Bill 2024 would burden Kenyans and create an unfavourable investment environment leading to job losses.

 "The Finance Bill 2024 contains punitive tax proposals on individuals, households, and businesses amidst tough economic times. If not carefully revised, it will likely condemn more Kenyans to poverty," he said.

The former Baringo county senator urged the National Assembly Finance and Planning Committee to review the bill before presenting the final draft for MPs to vote on.

"This is an opportunity for the committee to redeem itself from the superficial public participation exercises it subjected Kenyans to in the 20233/2024 financial year, where public input was largely disregarded in the final report presented to the National Assembly,” Moi said.


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