I am on the same level with those with Degrees – OSCAR SUDI brags after winning his fake certificate case

Wednesday, January 12, 2024 - Kapsaret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi is over the moon after winning a high-profile court case where he was accused of forging certificates to contest for his parliamentary seat.

This was evidenced on Wednesday when he toured the office of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro at Parliament Buildings in Nairobi.

Nyoro disclosed that their meeting centred around the Sh 14.5 billion allocated towards rural electrification in the upcoming financial year.

“Today hosting engineer Oscar Kipchumba Sudi and Kiambaa MP John Njuguna Wanjiku in our office.

" We are particularly excited about the KSh 14.5 billion that will be going towards electrification in the next FY. 

"Every constituency will be getting KSh 50M for the last-mile electricity connection," Nyoro said.

However, a light moment occurred during the meeting after the Kiharu MP made fun of Sudi's recent fake certificate case.

 "Recently, I heard the court say you have a degree. Was it a degree or a PhD?" Nyoro posed jokingly.

In his light response, the Kapsaret MP said the court took eight and a half years to authenticate his certificates before declaring them legitimate.

Sudi said the court ruling marked an end to Kenyans mocking him for allegedly possessing fake academic papers.

"Now, I have a degree. We are now on the same level. 

"The time of people despising me is over. 

"The court analysed my degree for eight and a half years and came to the conclusion that I was overqualified. 

"The time of your mocking is over," Sudi said as they burst into laughter.


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