Shock as Police Officer JACOB OGENDO forgives IAN NJOROGE who attacked and buttered him badly in public at Mirema after SONKO’s intervention

Wednesday, June 5, 2024 – In a surprising turn of events, Corporal Jacob Ogendo, the police officer brutally attacked by 19-year-old Ian Njoroge at Mirema in full view of the public, has forgiven his attacker.

Ogendo extended forgiveness to his assailant amidst growing tensions over police brutality and calls for justice.

The dramatic turn of events unfolded after a recorded phone call, released by former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko earlier today revealed Ogendo's willingness to meet with Njoroge's family in a bid to reconcile.

As part of the agreement, the family is expected to issue a public apology to both Ogendo and the police force.

"Even though I am hurt, I will agree to forgive him," stated Ogendo, displaying a level of forgiveness rarely seen in cases of such nature.

However, he vehemently denied claims of soliciting a bribe, setting the stage for a complex legal and moral dilemma.

There were allegations leveled by the defense that Ogendo had demanded a bribe of Ksh10,000.

Njoroge, who appeared before Milimani Principal Magistrate Ben Mark Ekhubi on Tuesday, now faces a series of charges, including robbery with violence, causing grievous harm, and resisting arrest.


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