Shock as Haiti Gangs start fleeing the city for fear as RUTO readies his troops for deployment – Look! They are terrified of Kenya police

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 - Kenya’s imminent deployment of its troops to Haiti seems to have instilled fear among gangs, who have begun to flee the nation's capital, Port-au-Prince.

Sources privy to the information revealed that the gang members had started to relocate from Haiti's capital to provincial towns located miles away from the city.

The gangs' shift in strategy has made it easier for police officers to track them down, with reports indicating that several of them have been apprehended.

Earlier this week, police in Port-au-Prince managed to arrest and detain some of the prison escapees who had opted to join the gangs.

While being interrogated, one of the gang members admitted to having escaped prison on the night of March 2 this year.

Human rights organizations are now calling on the Haitian police force to make more reinforcements to curb the resettlement of the gangs in the provincial areas.

The latest development comes against the backdrop of the planned deployment of the multinational police force to the Caribbean nation.

President William Ruto in a recent interview with BBC News, revealed that the deployment would be done in the next three weeks.

The Head of State noted that the security base that would house the Kenyan troops was 70 per cent complete and that there would similarly be a supply of equipment before the date.

Ruto's sentiments came barely days after reaching an agreement with United States President Joe Biden about the timelines of the deployment and what the mission would entail.


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