SHAME as ISAAC MWAURA accuses the WEST of sponsoring demos in the country by GEN–Z and MILLENIALS against RUTO’s Govt.

Sunday, June 23, 2024 - In what can be described as a show of ignorance and incompetence, government spokesman Isaac Mwaura has accused some Western countries of sponsoring the ongoing demos against the Finance Bill 2024 in the country.

According to Mwaura, those sponsoring the protests are unhappy with President Willia Ruto's recent stand on international matters.

Mwaura pointed out that Ruto's recent statement regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine is one of the reasons foreign powers were funding the demos

He also claimed Ruto’s efforts to end reliance on the United States dollar as the main currency for international trade were another reason powerful foreign countries were sponsoring the protests.

"Our president has said a lot of things on the international front, including climate change. He has rallied the whole of Africa to come together, and maybe some people are not happy,” Mwaura said.

“The other day he talked about the Russian invasion and how it has disrupted Kenya's access to grains and wheat, some people are not happy with that. 

"He has been calling for a change in the financial architecture; they don’t want us to get out of that slavery," Mwaura added.

Mwaura didn’t know that the demos are not funded by anyone but are sponsored by the late billionaire, Jacob Juma!!


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