MIGUNA MIGUNA joins GEN Z protests to oust RUTO and his looters as he warns of a people-driven revolution

Sunday, June 23, 2024 - Firebrand Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna has joined millions of Kenyans in mourning the death of 29-year-old Rex Kanyike Masai.

Rex was shot by a rogue police officer on Thursday when he was protesting against the Finance Bill 2024.

In a statement, Miguna condemned the police, saying Rex's death was cruel and inhumane. 

While demanding justice for the youthful posters, Miguna warned of the mother of all battles, arguing that Rex's death must not be in vain.

 "This is cruel and inhumane. The barbaric Kenya Police have murdered Rex Kanyike Masai, but he remains a hero and leaves a legacy of courage. 

"We demand #Justice4RexKanyike. 

"His death must not be in vain. Freedom Fighters: prepare for the Mother of All Battles!" Miguna said.

Dubbed the” Day of Rage ‘Gen–Gen-Z and millennials have called for a total shutdown of the country on Tuesday to mourn Kanyike and other demonstrators who were killed by police last week.


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