See what OSCAR SUDI said after angry Gen Zs looted and set his newly built multi-million club TIMBA XO on fire

Thursday, June 27, 2024 - Kapsaret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has broken his silence over the looting and vandalism of his newly built multi-million club Timba XO over his support for the controversial Finance Bill.

In a statement, Sudi claimed that the looting and vandalism of his newly launched Timber XO club in Eldoret was planned. 

He alleged that politicians from the Rift Valley region planned the vandalism.

The UDA lawmaker condemned the move saying he has never thought of destroying anyone’s property. 

“I have never in my life planned to destroy people’s property. 

"My work has always been helping people who don't have parents, building churches, and other things.

"We know people who organized it and the leaders are from home,” said Sudi.

At the same time, the Kapsaret MP suspended all his planned activities including charity events and fundraising until further notice until further notice.

“I will not say anything bad but since it has become something else let me also rest and suspend everything that I had planned until further notice,” Sudi stated.

“You destroyed the county and where people do plans for development or destroy the business belonging to a person from the area. It's okay. I wish you well,” he added.


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