See what Makadara Magistrate MONICA KIVUTI said after rogue police rained bullets on her – This is very emotional and sad

Sunday, June 16, 2024 The Judiciary confirmed on Saturday that Makadara Principal Magistrate Monica Kivuti died after being shot by a police officer during a live court session on Thursday.

Kivuti was shot multiple times by Chief Inspector Samson Kipchirchir, who had disapproved of the magistrate's decision to cancel his wife's bond and deny her cash bail.

A source who was present during the incident said that the magistrate was on the bench, oblivious of the imminent attack.

The killer officer had sought an audience with her to no avail.

"He actually wanted an audience with the court, the prosecutor denied him because he wasn't the accused nor the investigating officer," the source said

On seeing his efforts proving futile, he successfully strived to force entry via the magistrate's entrance area in the rear of the court after bypassing the source and an unarmed orderly.

When Kipchirir entered the magistrate's room, he started shooting, forcing the magistrate to hide under the table.

The source would recall Kivuti's last words while bullets were raining on her under the table.

"Madam's last words were, "Mama yangu, nakufa leo (My mother, I am dying today)." the source said.


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  1. I bet she never thought in her wildest dream she would meet her death in the courtroom