See what GACHAGUA has said after RAILA ODINGA endorsed the One-Man, One-Vote, One-Shilling revenue-sharing formula.

 Friday, June 7, 2024 - Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has reacted after former Prime Minister Raila Odinga endorsed the one-man, one-vote, one-shilling revenue-sharing formula.

Raila on Thursday supported the formula, saying it is the best way to share national resources equally.

Speaking in Samburu during a fundraiser for women's groups in the county, Gachagua said his stand on the revenue-sharing formula is just an opinion that cannot be forced on Kenyans.

“The fact that I am Deputy President does not extinguish my right as a Kenyan, as per the Constitution to have an opinion.  That opinion is not a command, allow me to persuade you that this formula can work,” he said.

Gachagua further said leaders whose opinions are different from his stand are within their rights as Kenyans.

“Some leaders are calling me a tribalist probably because the opinion I give seems to be liked by the people from the region where I come from,” he stated.

Gachagua wondered why he had faced criticism yet other leaders have sided with him.

“Raila Odinga has said the same things I said and I have not heard him being called a tribalist. Eugene Wamalwa has said the same and he has not been called a tribalist. Theirs are also opinions and it is not a must that they must be supported,” the DP added.

Gachagua moved to clarify that the one man, one vote, one shilling revenue-sharing formula does not imply that areas with low populations should be denied funds.

“We are just asking for equity. All children should be equal. Those in Samburu should be equal to those in Kajiado,” he said.

He said areas that have been marginalized should be considered by the Equalisation Fund to catch up with the rest of the regions.


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  1. Gachagua introduced the formula as a representative of Mt. Kenya and as the Deputy President of Kenya.That is why instead of Limuru 111, it should have been Bomas 111 with participants from the whole country