Sad news as Makadara Magistrate MONICA KIVUTI, who was shot by a senior police officer while delivering a ruling, tragically dies – May she rest in peace

Saturday, June 15, 2024 - Makadara Chief Magistrate Monica Kivuti, who was shot by a senior police officer, is no more.

Kivuti tragically passed away this morning after succumbing to injuries sustained after the shooting.

The magistrate was shot on Thursday during an open-court session following a ruling involving the police officer's wife. 

Following the shooting incident, Kivuti was subsequently transferred to Nairobi Hospital for treatment, where she later passed away.

While confirming the incident, Chief Justice Martha Koome noted that Monica Kivuti's body had since been moved to the Lee Funeral Home as the family commences burial preparations.

"The Judiciary family stands in solidarity during this deeply traumatic time and calls for sensitivity and compassion as we share in grief," CJ Koome stated.

"A comprehensive statement by the Judiciary Leadership Team which is in a meeting presently will be issued shortly," she added.

Reports suggest that Kivuti sustained a gunshot wound to the chest during the incident.

Similarly, the OCS who shot her also succumbed after he was shot by officers who quickly intervened in the matter.

In the court case, the officer's wife had been accused in a case of obtaining money amounting to Ksh2.9 million by false pretense.


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