Sad news as another Gen Z protester dies due to police brutality after REX MASAI - Look! May their souls rest in freedom

Friday, June 21, 2024 - A second Gen Z protester who was injured by the police during the Thursday demonstrations against President William Ruto’s punitive Finance Bill, has tragically succumbed to his injuries.

Evans Kiratu, who was struck by a tear gas canister in his groin during the protests, has passed away at noon today.

Kiratu was swiftly taken to Kenyatta National Hospital by a group of well-wishers, where he was treated for severe injuries and internal bleeding. Chris, one of those who helped transport Kiratu to the hospital, confirmed that Kiratu died around 12 p.m. on Friday.

Chris revealed the distressing details of Kiratu's final moments. He also disclosed that Kiratu had no siblings and his mother expressed a desire to disassociate herself from him.

Despite attempts to inform her of her son's critical condition, she remained adamant. As of now, the hospital and police have yet to officially confirm Kiratu's death.

His passing marks the second fatality linked to alleged police actions during the protests.

Earlier, Rex Masai, the 29-year-old Gen Z protester, succumbed to injuries after he was fatally shot by police in the Central Business District yesterday.

The incident, captured on camera, has sparked outrage and calls for justice.


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