RUTO spotted in a GEN-Z social media group listening to what they are planning – Has the President panicked?

Sunday, June 2023 - President William Ruto seems to have panicked over the ongoing Anti-Finance Bill 2024 protests organized by Gen-Z and some millennials.

This is after he was spotted lurking on a social media page that was discussing the way forward as Gen–Z prepares for the 'Week of Rage' to compel the government to drop the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

Over 55,000 Gen Z and millennials gathered on Twitter Space to discuss critical political matters, particularly the Finance Bill 2024.

 Ruto, as his profile stayed on the platform for a little while, was the subject of discussion, with almost all speakers admonishing him over his style of leadership.

The speakers strongly admonished Ruto for supposedly overseeing maladministration and complained about the exploitation of lowly Kenyans grappling with the high cost of living.

However, Ruto's profile disappeared shortly after, indicating his panic upon realizing that many Kenyans, especially young people, were against his leadership.


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