RUTO never learns as he introduces a new levy to importers and exporters of Agricultural products effective July 15

Friday June 28, 2024 – The government of President William Ruto, through the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS), has announced the implementation of new fees for phytosanitary services starting from July 15, 2024.

This comes amid uproar over the Finance Bill which had introduced many new taxes.

The new fees will apply to all importers and exporters of agricultural products and produce within Kenya. 

Phytosanitary services encompass various measures aimed at controlling plant diseases in agricultural crops.

Under the updated directive from KEPHIS, exporters of fresh produce will be required to obtain a phytosanitary certificate and undergo inspection before their products can be exported.

This will be charged at a rate of 50 cents per kilogram with a minimum charge of Ksh100. 

Additionally, traders will be required to pay another Ksh500 for every phytosanitary certificate. 

For imported agricultural produce/products, KEPHIS will require a plant import permit and inspection certificate. 

Entrepreneurs will pay 50 cents per kilogram and an additional Ksh600 per plant permit. 

Traders who are seeking to import or export agricultural produce will be required to part with Ksh10,000 before the ship transporting the product is inspected.

If the vessel carrying the produce is large a Ksh5,000 physical test will be charged with a Ksh1,000 charge for smaller vessels including dhows and canoes. 

For inspection of containers, a 40-foot large container will be billed Ksh1,000 for each inspection and Ksh500 for 20-foot containers. 

Businessmen will pay Ksh1,000 for moisture content determination per sample. 

Traders transporting agricultural produce by air will pair Ksh3,000 for KEPHIS to inspect large aircraft and Ksh1,500 for small aircraft. 

“Sample of minor consignment for quality examination per consignment will be Ksh5,000,” the notice from KEPHIS read in part. 


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