‘RUTO must go’ chants disrupt CS ABABU NAMWAMBA’s speech at FRED OMONDI’s tribute show - He was escorted out of venue under tight security (VIDEOs).

Saturday, June 22, 2024 - There was drama at Carnivore Simba salon on Friday night during a tribute show for the late comedian Fred Omondi after the crowd chanted ‘Ruto must go’ as Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba was delivering his speech.

Namwamba started his speech, by saying, “Hello creatives… I’m here to join you to pay a very special tribute to this special Kenyan.”

His words were immediately drowned out by heckling and boos.

 Despite his attempts to continue, the crowd’s discontent only grew louder.

“I have come here with some officers from the Ministry who are in the creative department. I want to ask them to come here and say something,” Namwamba tried to continue, but the audience’s jeers intensified.

Churchill attempted to calm the crowd, saying, “Hold it… hold it… hold it… Asante… Nimewasikia… Hold it… It’s okay… We are doing this for Fred…,” but the crowd responded with chants of “Ruto must go! Ruto must go!”

Attempts to play music to pacify the audience were unsuccessful.

Namwamba, trying to maintain composure, said, “We recognize and appreciate that energy. 

"But we shall pay respect to Fredrick Omondi tonight. 

"And whether you make noise, I say we live in an amazing country where everyone has a right to say their bit. Asanteni sana. 

"Keep cheering, keep booing. Keep saying no as others say yes. 

"But I want to assure creatives today, for a long time our industry has been ignored and has not been given sufficient attention.”

This did not sit well with the crowd, and their anger only intensified.

Even Churchill’s announcement that Namwamba had donated Ksh.300,000 in honor of Fredrick Omondi was met with continued hostility.

Namwamba eventually exited the stage amidst the uproar.

He was escorted out of the venue under tight security after facing hostility from the crowd.

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