RUTO has employed useless advisors led by DAVID NDII – MARTHA KARUA says ‘SUGOI MAN' has ruined the economy

Friday, June 14, 2024 - Narc Kenya chairperson Martha Karua has accused President William Ruto of taking the country in the wrong direction because he has incompetent advisors led by Dr. David Ndii.

Dr. David Ndii, who brags that he is an Oxford-trained economist, has been offering Ruto‘s ‘Cowdung advice’ resulting in retrogressive bills such as Finance Bill 2023 and Finance Bill 2024.

The two bills are set to overburden Kenyans and Karua blamed Ruto and his incompetent economists who are paid billions for offering useless advice.

“You cannot appoint unqualified persons and then burden Kenyans with multiple offices of advisors. It is utterly inhumane proposing highly punitive taxes which are projected to cripple businesses, thereby causing job losses, at a time when unemployment, especially among the youth, is exponentially high,” she noted.

Karua highlighted conspicuous consumption by political elites while many Kenyans are dying due to poverty-related issues, including lack of medical supplies and basic amenities like anti-malarial bed nets and safe drinking water.

Despite the sufferings, she said the Government is busy making a budget for itself in violation of Article 2 or 3 of the Constitution and Article 43, whereas budget making is about the right choices that can lead to a much safer Kenya.

“It is certainly not for the ordinary Mwananchi. They serve themselves,” she noted.


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