Rogue DCI officers under RUTO’s orders abduct SHAD KHALIF days after he appeared on Citizen TV

Monday, June 24, 2024 - A young man who appeared on Citizen TV speaking on behalf of young people demonstrating against the Finance Bill 2024 has been abducted.

Shad Khalif was abducted on Sunday evening and is the latest victim of those perceived to be opposed to the Finance Bill 2024.

Family and friends of Shad Khalif said he is missing after his abduction by unknown people who had trailed him.

A black double-cab pickup and a white Toyota Prado were spotted following the well-known social media user before he was forcefully abducted in South B, Nairobi, on Sunday evening by men believed to be plainclothes detectives due to his assumed prominent role in the protests.

Khalif has been vocal in opposing the bill and explained on Citizen TV how he got himself and his friends in the drive.

He stated that they have neither a financier nor a leader in the protests, emphasizing that the movement is organic.

Police did not respond to inquiries on the incident.


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