ACK Bishop JACKSON OLE SAPIT hataki ujinga! See how he embarrassed GACHAGUA in front of RUTO as revolution boils?

Monday, June 24, 2024 - Bishop Jackson Ole Sapit is serious this time around despite having some soft spot for the Kenya Kwanza government.

This is after he declined a request by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua to allow one of the leaders to speak during a church service.

While speaking in a church in Nyahururu, Laikipia County yesterday, Gachagua had requested the bishop to allow him to invite a guest, adding that the said leader would not go against the guidelines not to divulge into politics.

The Second in Command was introducing other leaders who had accompanied him and President William Ruto to the church service.

While trying to sway Sapit's decision, Gachagua explained that the leader was part of the clergy.

However, the bishop declined the request leaving Gachagua in awe before continuing with his speech.

"The bishop has said no. I wanted to ask Naomi Waqo (Marsabit Woman Representative) to speak.

" Just come and say a few words," Gachagua stated before explaining that Sapit had declined, "Never mind. The bishop has refused. Things are not normal as usual."

After the incident, some of the leaders led by President Ruto burst into laughter.

The decline came as Kenyans, led by Gen Z, continue to oppose the Finance Bill 2024 which has led to demonstrations dubbed OccupyParliament and OccupyChurches.

A section of churches had been urged not to give an audience to politicians during


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