RAILA puts his AU job on the line as he slams RUTO’s draconian Finance Bill, 2024 – Look! This is pure madness

Saturday, June 8, 2024 – Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Leader Raila Odinga is not desperate for President William Ruto’s support for the African Union Chairmanship bid.

This is after he slammed the president over his punitive Finance Bill, 2024, calling for drastic revisions to the proposed legislation.

Raila condemned the Finance Bill 2024, arguing it exacerbates an already intolerable tax burden without improving public services.

“The tax burden in Kenya is at its highest level since independence, but public services have largely remained on their knees. 

"As if this is not bad enough, the Finance Bill 2024 proposes even more and higher taxes. 

"Consequently, the people and the country will be way worse off at this time in 2025 if the Finance Bill 2024 does not undergo radical surgery,” Odinga asserted.

Odinga lambasted the bill for failing fundamental taxation principles of predictability, simplicity, transparency, equity, administrative ease, and fairness.

“It is worse than the one of 2023, an investment killer and a huge millstone around the necks of millions of poor Kenyans who must have hoped that the tears they shed over taxes last year would see the government lessen the tax burden in 2024,” he declared.

Odinga, backed by President William Ruto’s government for the African Union Commission chairperson seat, did not hold back in his critique. 

He labelled the bill a “regressive taxation proposal that goes ruthlessly after the poor.”

According to Raila, if not reviewed, low-income Kenyans would face taxes on multiple fronts, resulting in them paying more than those with higher incomes.


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