Please don’t accept any dialogue with RUTO! – WAMUCHOMBA warns GEN Z as pressure piles on the President.

Sunday, June 30, 2024 - Githunguri Member of Parliament, Gathoni Wamuchomba, has warned Kenya's Gen Z not to accept any dialogue with President William Ruto.

For the last few days, Ruto and his bunch of incompetent advisors have been begging young people for dialogue after last week's demos that culminated in the storming of Kenya’s parliament and chasing out Members of Parliament who voted yes to the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

Ruto has formed a national Multi-Sectoral Forum (NMSF), ostensibly to dialogue with the youth.

But Wamuchomba warned the youth against agreeing to hold talks with President William Ruto as proposed by the government, terming it as an exercise in futility.

“The multisectoral committee will be another theatric to buy time and scatter the already compounding voice of the disappointed youth of Kenya. 

"It’s my opinion that this will be another round of pounding water in a pot. No matter what energy is inputted, no Ugali can come out of it”, she stated.

Wamuchomba further argued that the youth are likely to emerge from the talks without having achieved anything substantial.

She also stated some of the youths who will be picked to represent Genz will be exposed and might be killed by security men.


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