ODM on fire as it emerges that BABU OWINO has been RUTO’s mole all along – Look! The president has been funding him to sabotage BABA’s plans

 Wednesday, June 5, 2024 – In a shocking turn of events, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has accused Embakasi East MP Babu Owino of being President William Ruto’s mole planted in the party to spy on Raila Odinga and sabotage his plans.

According to Raila’s party, Ruto has been funding Babu Owino to achieve his mission of scuttling ODM and its plans.

However, the Embakasi East legislator has dismissed the allegations that he was consistently receiving funding from President William Ruto.

Speaking during an interview, Babu Owino stated that a chunk of his funds were outsourced mostly from well-wishers and political allies who reside outside the country. 

He termed the ODM allegations as mendacious and one meant to tarnish his name and drive a wedge between him and his party boss, Raila Odinga.

"Some of my fellow party mates when they see me moving around with huge cash, claim I am funded by the Head of State yet I'm always against the president, throwing knuckle-attacks at him," the MP clarified.

"Do you think you can take Ruto's money and escape? I have never received any funding from the president, I am only faithful to Raila."

Babu decried betrayal and intimidation within ODM, saying his party mates were out to incite him against Raila.

It is not the first time the Embakasi East legislator has decried betrayal within the ODM party, in March this year, the MP alleged political fallout with the party.


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  1. The stupidity of Kenyan politics - whenever one has an alternative view from the mainstream, then definitely he has been bought by the competition. Babu Owino can never be bought by the Ruto camp