More Kenyans lose their jobs as RUTO forces a Canadian company to close its operations in Kenya due to high taxes

Friday, June 7, 2024 – More Kenyans are set to lose jobs after a Canadian company operating in Mombasa announced that it is closing part of its operations following harsh tax conditions.

The firm is the hub for East Africa operations of the overseas packaging manufacturers of corrugated cartons and paper sacks.

In a press statement, the packaging company cited that it will be shutting down its Paper Sack Division based in Shimanzi Mombasa County.

The company further cited that it needed to close some of its operations to remain profitable following the implementation of the Finance Act 2023.

Further, the firm detailed that following the closure of the operations they would have to let go of over 70 members of their staff who had been declared redundant.

The company also cited that the closure of the operations was informed by the need to mitigate potential losses which were occasioned by the increased cost of doing business.

The CEO, while announcing the folding of the operations, detailed that the implementation of the Finance Bill of 2023 played a major role in the creation of a steep taxation regime for the company.

The closure of the firm falls on the backdrop of a warning issued by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers who have cited that their members would flee the country following a harsh business landscape.

According to KAM, if the Finance Bill 2024 is passed as it is, the business landscape in the country may continue to plummet creating more job losses.


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