Disturbing news as it emerges majority of Kenyans want RUTO out of power – See what the latest Infotrak poll has unearthed?

Friday, June 7, 2024 – If elections were held today, President William Ruto would lose badly to his opponents after it emerged that the majority of Kenyans have lost confidence in him.

According to the latest survey by Infotrak, Kenyans in Nairobi, Eastern, Nyanza, Central, Western, Rift Valley, and the Coast regions believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Per the report, Nairobi led with the number of people who believe the country is not heading in the right direction at 74 per cent. 

Residents in Eastern were ranked second at 69 per cent, followed by Nyanza at 68 per cent, Western at 64 per cent and Central at 63 per cent.

Some of the main concerns raised include; increased taxes, high cost of living, unemployment, poor infrastructure, poverty, poor governance, flooding, bad politics, and corruption.

The report revealed that Kenyans were worried about three key issues; the high cost of living, unemployment, and the state of transport, infrastructure, and roads.

"The cost of living and employment have been the prevalent and recurring issues of concern in recent polls conducted since August/ September 2023 and March 2024," read part of the report.

Notably, this is an increase compared to a different survey conducted in February 2023 where a majority of Kenyans were complaining about the cost of living.

Ethnicity and tribalism, which have dominated political talk in the country, are among the least concerns by Kenyans.

Infotrak further revealed that the Finance Bill 2024 was also a concern with a majority of Kenyans opposing some of the proposals.

On the other hand, 19 per cent of Kenyans believe the country is going in the right direction. 

The Rift Valley led the list of Kenyans who believe the country was on track at 23 per cent, North Eastern at 22 per cent, Coast at 21 per cent, Western at 21 per cent and Central at 20 per cent.


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