MILLICENT OMANGA forced to explain her sudden wealth and how she acquired the Sh40 million Range Rover as public fume with rage

Sunday, June 30, 2024 - Former nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has been forced to respond to questions regarding her wealth and her latest Ksh40 million Range Rover 2024.

In response to questions from Kenyans on social media, Omanga stated that she did not buy the latest model of Range Rover by herself.

She revealed that the vehicle, the centre of debate during the last anti-Finance Bill protests, was a gift from her husband.

"How did you manage to purchase a Range Rover worth Ksh40 million? From which business so that we can also venture?" Alfred Ndenge asked on x, formerly Twitter.

"Gift from my husband," she responded.

On the other hand, she maintained that she was not undertaking any business with the current administration.

She confirmed that she was a businesswoman. However, she detailed that she had no tender in any government institution.

On the other hand, Omanga clarified that she was not earning any salary from the government following her nomination as the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS).

Omanga was responding to reports that she won a tender to supply furniture to the State House to the tune of billions. 

State House is currently undergoing major repairs.

"I need to clear a misconception. I neither work for the government nor am I a tenderpreneuer in this government. I'm a private person doing private business.

"I've never benefited from this government either in cash or kind," she added. 


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