MIGUNA MIGUNA also abandons RUTO like GACHAGUA – See what he has told him for wasting billions with useless trips to the U.S. and S. KOREA

Wednesday, June 5, 2024 Controversial lawyer and barrister Miguna Miguna is unhappy with how President William Ruto is governing the country.

Ruto was elected two years ago with the majority of Kenyans thinking that he would revolutionize the country's economy.

However, in the last two years, Ruto has turned himself into a 'tumbocrat' who is only interested in wasting taxpayers' money with overseas trips, like most African dictators and despots.

Recently, Ruto traveled to the United States with a delegation of more than 300 people where they gobbled over Sh 1 billion of taxpayers' money.

Early this week, Ruto left for South Korea with a dozen freeloaders to beg loans to loot.

Reacting to these foreign trips, Miguna said it is foolish for leaders to waste billions to travel around the world begging yet they should have used that money to construct manufacturing companies that will make the country self-sufficient.

“Instead of those frequent and costly foreign trips, shouldn’t we use the billions spent in first-class cabins, 7-star hotels, and exclusive boutiques and per diems to establish factories for manufacturing basic items such as needles, spoons, forks, knives, printing paper, crutches, etc? 

"For how long are African leaders going to travel abroad to beg when we have more than enough human and natural resources to become economic and technological powerhouses?” Miguna wrote on his X page.


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