Man who lived abroad for 40 years allegedly loses his house to the Ghanaian wife he brought over in less than 5 years

Friday, June 21, 2024 - Africans on X are discussing migration to the West and how it affects men.

It began when an African woman did a video claiming that her husband was asking her to pay him a huge sum for relocating her abroad.

Some male users defended his action and said the money is supposed to be insurance in case of eventualities.

One man then narrated how his uncle's life changed adversely after marrying a Ghanaian woman and taking her to Italy.

He tweeted: "Ma uncle has been in Italy for over 40 years. He came to pick his wife from Ghana go norrr, less than 5 years the woman divorce am make the government take ein house give the woman.

“Now he’s renting. Now the woman lives in HIS house with another man.”

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