MAKADARA magistrates should refuse bribes if they want to live longer – JUSTICE is sold to the highest bidder!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 - The country is currently mourning the death of Makadara Principal Magistrate, Monica Kivuti, who was killed by a rogue police officer last Thursday.

Makadara Law Court is a notorious court known for its high level of corruption by Judicial officers and officers from the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Kivuti was shot multiple times by Chief Inspector Samson Kipchirchir, who had disapproved of the magistrate's decision to cancel his wife's bond and deny her cash bail.

A source who was present during the incident said that the magistrate was on the bench, oblivious of the imminent attack.

The killer officer had sought an audience with her to no avail.

An anonymous source claimed that Makadara is a notorious court where judicial officers, including magistrates, collect bribes. 

The source concluded that in Makadara court, "Justice is sold to the highest bidder."


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