Kimilili MP DIDMUS BARASA escapes public lynching for supporting RUTO’s Finance Bill as angry residents corner him at a funeral – Look!

Sunday, June 23, 2024 - Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa is lucky to be alive. 

This is after he escaped public lynching after angry residents cornered him at a funeral for voting YES to the contentious Finance Bill 2024.

Barasa was forced to seek refuge after angry protesters in Bungoma stormed a burial he was attending.

The chaos ensued after Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha stood to address the congregation of which Barasa was part.

However, Nakhumicha’s speech was momentarily cut after a group of armed locals began shouting at Didmus who was seated at the front.

The event quickly turned chaotic after the locals surrounded the MP, seeking to eject him from the event.

While expressing their rage, the residents accused the legislator of betrayal by voting in favour of the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

However, Barasa's bodyguards who were on high alert quickly intervened and flanked the MP to protect him from public outrage.

Upon intervention, Barasa hesitantly rushed out of the event and made cover inside his vehicle even as residents followed him to beat him up.

Barasa was part of the 204 Members of Parliament who voted 'YES' to the contentious bill despite a public call for the legislators to reject it.

The Bungoma incident comes a day after residents in Bondo, Siaya County stormed MP Gideon Ochanda’s office after he voted in favour of the bill.

While carrying a brown coffin, the locals marched up to the lawmaker's office and began to demand his resignation.


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