Is RUTO leading our police officers to slaughter? Haiti gang leader BARBECUE now reveals who is financing him and other gangs

Wednesday, June 19, 2024 – Notorious Haiti gang leader Jimmy Cherizier, popularly known as Barbecue, has finally revealed the financiers of gang violence in the troubled nation.

According to Barbecue, some powerful politicians in Haiti were sponsoring gang operations in the war-torn nation.

While addressing the Haitian police, Barbecue claimed that some economic elites within the country were also involved in the ongoing violence.

Barbecue alleged that certain Haitian politicians and economic elites have been training and equipping bandits in working-class neighborhoods.

In the brief video, the gang leader could be heard daring police officers and promising terror in Delmas, a street in the suburbs of Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince.

He warned the National Police of Haiti to stop pursuing him and to send armoured vehicles to fight him, promising to declare terror in the Delmas region.

"It is likely that in the coming days, there will be major clashes at the bottom of Delmas," the gang leader could be heard saying.

Moments after the gang leader finished issuing his threats, gunfire erupted nearby, indicating the gang's determination to resist the new system.

Barbecue is accused of orchestrating the killing of three Haitian national police officers last week, an incident in which the armoured vehicle ferrying the officers was attacked and incinerated.

This comes as President William Ruto is about to deploy Kenyan troops to Haiti to fight the gangs and bring peace to the nation despite resistance from Haitians themselves and back home.


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