I voted YES to the punitive Finance Bill after RUTO ‘bribed’ me with Sh600 million - MP EMMANUEL WANGWE now confesses as public rage grows

Monday, June 24, 2024 – As the rage against the 204 MPs who voted for the contentious Finance Bill continues, Navakholo MP Emmanuel Wangwe has confessed to the public as to what drove him to vote YES on Thursday.

Addressing a section of residents, the MP justified his decision, saying that his vote was in favour of his constituents so that they do not miss goods allocated in the controversial budget.

He particularly pointed out that President William Ruto had allocated Ksh600 million to his constituency for developmental projects such as the construction of roads in the region and that it was only prudent for him to support the bill.

"The president went overseas akatafuta dollar, na kwa hio dollar akatupatia hela kidogo, na hio hela kidogo ata akigawia watu wengine wenye wamempigia kura hawakosi. 

"He gave me Ksh600 million, kutoka kwa hio pesa, tumeeka kwa hii barabara yetu tumeadvertise contractor, we want to make sure our road from Lurambi iende mpaka hapo Navakholo iekwe lami, so anyone mwenye anauliza kwa nini nilipigia hio yes, aambiwe that is the reason," he said.

The MP also justified that he voted yes to the bill because Ruto had waived the 16 per cent cost on sugarcane transportation for farmers causing a significant relief in the cost of transportation and heightening profit.

He also explained that he agreed to the bill on behalf of the 120,000 Junior Secondary School (JSS) teachers within his constituency, to help curb unemployment in his region.


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