JAMES ORENGO blasts Kenya Kwanza leaders for trying to hoodwink GEN Z by calling them ‘their children’ – ‘It is issues they are raising that matter’

Monday, June 24, 2024 Siaya County Governor James Orengo has criticized Kenya Kwanza Alliance leaders for referring to Gen Z as their "children."

Kenya Kwanza Alliance leaders, led by President William Ruto, have been referring to the young demonstrators as their children and inviting them for dialogue.

However, Orengo argues that calling Gen Z their children is a ploy to deceive them into dropping the issues they have been raising.

Orengo, a renowned second liberation hero, stated that what matters are the issues Gen Z is raising, not whether they are someone's children.

“Lots may be lost in translation. It is the issues that matter. 

"Let them be addressed. It's condescending and manipulative to address Gen Zs as 'our children, will talk to them'. 

"Who in the political space needs a lecture or reproof?" Orengo wrote on his X platform.


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